Updated Sunday Jan 3, 2010
3 Generations and 8 Decades of Chassis Fabrication

Who are we and what do we stand for:

Like my Father before me... and my Grand-Father before him, we've specialized in CUSTOM BUILT Chassis's, {Flat track motorcycles, Drag Racing and Off-Road Racing}, we've always provide that extra attention to detail. Whether youíre the Weekend Warrior the Professional Racer, or the restoration enthusiast... we put the same level of passion into every customerís dreams, Plain and Simple... It's always been that way!

We design all of our "New" cars using 3-D computer modeling techniques. We test each design on our computers before we start building them in the shop. "This is your car... built to your desires" using our talents and expertise.

 Chuck Finders Jr.
 Finders Fabrication

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